LED Grow Light Guide (Part Two)

Continues from Part One

LED grow light settingsKIND_L450_Vector_NEW_Logo-2-350x3001

Because of the element of control, LED grow lights are, in some ways, even better than natural light. You can enhance certain types of light during different stages of the growth process. This means that you can speed up growth, encourage vegetative growth or  buds or fruit.

Blue light is important for the vegetative stage of growth and many LED systems incorporate a “grow” switch into the system. One click and you are flooding your plants with predominantly blue light. Click it off and you will flood your plants with a mix of blue and red light needed for flowering.

Dimmers are another component worth considering. Often automated, dimmers adjust light throughout the day, mimicking natural daylight patterns.

Choosing an LED system with grow switches, dual switches, mixed panels and dimmers gives you more control over the type of light your plants receive and when.

Other things to consider for LED grow lights


Larger panels can weigh quite a bit. Check the system’s weight before purchase to ensure that your grow tent, or overhead lighting supports can withstand the weight.

If you are thinking about expanding your grow area then consider choosing LED panels that function in unison with other panels. Linking one panel to another, or daisy-chaining, is not always an option with some panel configurations or brands.

Some LED grow light systems cannot be controlled remotely or automatically, while others are very sophisticated. Pay attention to this when choosing a system. The more expensive systems will offer panels that can be controlled by apps, a convenience many growers find worth the price.

Before getting started, take some time to figure out what you expect from your crop. Foreknowledge definitely helps to determine what kind of grow lights will work best for your indoor garden.

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